Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chai Tea Latte...

I'm a big fan of chai tea lattes from Starbucks.  However, I don't like the price.  I mean really, what am I getting? Some skim milk and tea?  So I buy the concentrate brand from Tazo.  (A 3 pack from Costco is a real deal!)  You just mix equal parts chai and milk.  
I saw this on (where else?) The Pioneer Woman:  Step-by-step-amazing-spiced-chai-concentrate and thought I would share.  In case you want to get really thrifty and make your own.  But be warned, cardamom is a pricey spice.  Or at least it was the last time I looked.  Maybe in popularity the price has dropped.  
Everyone needs a little warmth in January!

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