Monday, January 31, 2011

Numbers don't lie....

4,155 !!!!!
I've been blogging since April 2009 and look at those page view numbers!  This might mean squat to anyone else, but I think it's pretty darn cool!  I mean REALLY, numbers don't lie...hahahaha.  Thank you for your support and for reading little 'ol me and my little 'ol blog.  It means the world to me!  (and this little 'ol blog keeps me sane!  or at least a little!)
I've been meaning to tell you about these shoes!

I bought these shoes weeks ago from my favorite local re-sale shop.  They came from a shoe-hoarder who had a family intervention and now they are all being re-saled. (she happens to wear the same 8.5 size as me! wooo hooo!  She has hundreds!)  NO LIE.  I got them for $8.00. (I had in-store credit from all the stuff I re-sale)  NO LIE.  They were brand-spankin' new in the Nordstrom box.  They are BCBGeneration and they are TO DIE FOR.  They represent the me in another life (you know the one who had a life?!)  The person who bought shoes like this just for the simple sheer joy of it.  Because I didn't have kids.  Because we went on really cool vacations outside of the U.S. and never worried about a babysitter.  Because we could do what we wanted, when we wanted.  They represent the me that still exists inside.  Just looking at them makes me happy.  I came home from the store and just wore them around the house in my yoga pants.  (I always do this!)
Please just look at that heel!  It's so high and so ridiculous!  Look at that snakeskin "rainbow" pattern?  SIGH!  Don't they make you want to plan a really cool evening out just to wear them?  Do you need to see another angle?  I know I do!  

I will now admit to you that I have a shoe addiction.  Well, let me be clear here.  I have an addiction to buying shoes that I can rarely wear.  (I know, right?)  It's all the shoe-hoarder's fault really.  I can't resist a pair of Michael Kors platform pumps, brand-new in the Nordstrom box with a price tag of $135.00 when they are staring me in the eye on super re-sale mark-down of $22.50!  You understand right?  So chocolate brown AND tan snakeskin seemed the logical and correct choice.  And I won't even go there with the knee-high, patent-leather red/burgundy boots that were also $22.50.  I'd be happy to photograph them and show you the love.  

You support me right?  You understand right?  Thank you.  I knew you would.


  1. oh my ... these are amazing, but please do show the others, too!!