Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ode to Winter Birds....

Despite the cold, gray, dreary January you see outside my backyard, the birds are livin' large!!!!  It's finch family craziness out there!
We serve a few varieties of delightful seed with a bit of suet in the middle. Normally the squirrels take over the suet and go crazy but since we don't have large, established trees yet, we don't have squirrels!  (we like that!)

When my sister was in third grade she had to memorize a poem.  My whole family ended up memorizing the poem and to this day will quote it to one another!  And for the first time in the blogosphere, I give you:

Tracy's Winter Poem:
Feed the birds when winter comes.
Help them find enough to eat.
Peanut butter, seeds and crumb...
and suet for a special treat.

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