Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Out with the with the new!

Have I mentioned that I love a good bargain?  Have I mentioned that I can smell a bargain from a mile away? Well, I've done it again!  Documenting Bargain #1 of 2011!~  My favorite thing to do is shop at Goodwill or garage sales, resale shops or thrift stores and buy something I just know is a good deal.....even if I don't know the name brand.  And don't get me wrong....I know my name brands.  But if they get too high end then I'm lost!  I just purchased the Lollia "imagine" candle on the left for $2.00.  It spoke to me.  Cool packaging with a dangling crystal on the wick that you cut off before burning.  Smelled dandy.......well, well, well......This above set sells for $88.00 on the website!!!!  I know, ridiculous but that makes it all the more sweet!  

I couldn't be more proud.  hahahahahhaha  I was on a roll today with re-decorating and changing things up.  "Shopping" within my house while adding a few new things from the clearance rack at Home Goods.  I love days like today when everything falls into place.  January is always a good time to switch things up in my house.  All the clutter and chaos of Christmas decorations are put away and a blank slate awaits.  As my sissy said yesterday, "I like to sit with the nothingness for a few days until inspiration hits."  Well said.  I agree. 

Here's to a new year of bargains ahead!   

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