Friday, January 21, 2011

Snack Attack....

Remember that old-school appetizer consisting of ham, cream cheese and a dill pickle?  I distinctly remember my Aunt Sue making these for holiday parties when I was a kid. I can't remember if I liked them or were grossed out by them.  I checked in with my sister and she said "Those were my fever for the flavor."  (I don't lie people.  Those were her exact words and that's why I adore my sissy.)   She also reminded me of her love for the classic "roll-up" pin-wheel appetizer in a tortilla.  (I'm not a fan, but could be swayed!)

So I'm not sure how this happened.  I was searching the fridge for a post-work-out snack and came across all the fixings for this fine snack!  Well, now I can't get enough.  I also have a habit of "sickening myself" on the same food item until I can no longer eat it, speak of it, or look at it. (One of my BF's is classic for this and I'll make a comment about something I think she/we love and she'll say "Oh, I sickened myself on that months ago.  I'm not happy about it T.  I've ruined it for myself.") 

The "sickening" has not happened yet and since I'm out of deli ham, I'm safe for awhile!!!!  It's just so tasty.  I prefer whipped cream cheese and a baby dill.  I don't slice them up 'ala appetizer image above, but just use two slices of deli ham with a little cream cheese down the middle and two baby midget dills.  HEAVEN!  Really people, it's the little things in life!  

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