Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spoon Rest Love...

 Fiestaware spoonrest
Stainless Steel spoonrest
Vintage Goodness!  My mom bought this on her honeymoon in 1967 to Niagara Falls, Canada!  And now it is mine to cherish!  I adore this!  I am soon to be 40 years old (this year) so this lovely spoon rest is O to the L to the D.  The vintage gems in my life mean so much more with a good story behind them.  I imagine my mother, the dark haired young beauty she was, and my Dad in their little rented room at the motel, happy as clams thinking they are livin' the dream.  And they were!  And then my mom wanders into the falls gift shop and decides on this.  Perhaps dreaming of all the cooking she will soon be doing for my Dad and how this spoon rest will come in handy?  I am not sure if she ever really used it but I found this in the back of a kitchen drawer and just about died.  This is so me.  I am obsessed with family vintage items.  This currently resides on my eclectic themed laundry/mud room wall.  (Mostly filled with family treasures that perhaps I only think are gems!)
This is my Mom's engagement photo on the left.
 On the right is a photo booth pic of my Mom and Dad.
Talk about a priceless gem!  
They are both framed and matted to perfection.
Here is their wedding photo!  
Young and ready to conquer the world together!!!!

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