Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweatin' to the Oldies....

Remember good 'ol Richard Simmons?  I read the Chicago Tribune Magazine article entitled, Sweat equity? from Sunday, January 9, 2011 and while I'm on the subject of health and wellness.....really getting to the heart of the matter......not just physicality, but manifesting the life that you long to live....let me share with you the part that touched me the most:

Nutrition and exercise are important. But so is the mental aspect. Simmons suggests keeping a journal. Plot your day, hour by hour, looking for ways to grab a few minutes here and there for working out and preparing proper meals. Focus on your goal.
"It all boils down to someone's self-worth," he said. "If you feel worthy of being healthy, you'll get up early and get your workouts in. If you start to respect your body, you won't put greasy food in and clog your arteries. It seems like such a simple formula, but people have so much past luggage."
And don't give up.
"I hear every excuse," Simmons said. "All of a sudden it's Dec. 31 and they're holding the last rum ball in their hand, and they're going into 2011 heavier than they were in 2010. And that starts a negative year."

One of my BF's said it best when I asked her about her weight loss.  "I put myself back on the list."  She said she was watching the Oprah show where Wynona Judd said that's how she lost her weight and found clarity in her life.

I can't think of anything more powerful than to say, "I matter.  I am putting myself back on the list."

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