Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet Style...

Grief is a funny thing.  It can overwhelm you with sadness and you literally feel like you will never be happy again.  Or, you can choose to dig deep and cultivate the joy.  As a mother, it is my job to cultivate the joy on the regular when Groundhog Day happens everyday around here!  I'm just holding down the fort while husband can do what he needs to do.

And then sometimes the red head does this all on her own. She threw a little splash of sunshine into a week that certainly wouldn't rank as a good one.  I remember the first week after my Dad's unexpected and untimely death.  It was a feeling of "how the hell can the world just go on as business as usual when our family has a broken heart?" The children have been the best medicine for my husband.  

Lauren certainly has "old soul" ways about her.  Her sophistication at the age of 5 gives me great joy.  (when I stop screaming long enough to enjoy it!) We called my mother-in-law "Farmor" which means "father's mother" in Swedish.  Lauren wore Farmor's scarf and clip in her hair on Friday to school.  I didn't ask her to or even suggest it.  I gave her these from Farmor's house on Thursday night and she planned all on her own to wear them on Friday to school.  I even suggested a pink scarf so it would match her outfit better. She said "No, I want to wear Farmor's scarf so she is with me at school today."

I mean really.  Could just burst out crying with the sweetness of that?  I love you baby girl! : )  I particularly enjoy her use of the clip.  It's not holding up any hair or anything....just "clipped" to the side of her head!  Hilarious. She's forging her own style!

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  1. Yes, this cute sweet story made my eyes get all blurry. xo