Monday, February 7, 2011

Big Changes...

This is Evan.  He makes my life incredibly challenging sometimes....well, who am I kidding, pretty much anytime he is awake.  He is a devil in a red dress, or in this case dino jammies.  Don't let those blue eyes, and baby shark teeth fool you.  He's ruthless and relentless.  There is no mountain, coffee table or counter top high enough.  Dad calls him a goat.  Grandma says he does his best work with a step stool.  There is no spray bottle, medicine bottle, cleaning product, garbage can, computer, make-up product, lotion, hair spray or toxic chemical he doesn't like.  He turned two years old on December 9.  Let's just hope the next few months find me happier and Evan easier to deal with (and that they don't land me in the psych ward!)  I never thought a child could get the best of me.  But I'm ready to raise my hand really high and yell, "UNCLE!"  
This is where the little animal resides at nap and bedtime.  But you see where this is going right?  He crawls out.  He can "houdini" over the side like a seasoned mountain climber.  But you know what they say right?  "They" being the experts and whatnot.  They say once a child climbs out of the crib you need to take care of business and get them in a "safe" space.  Well this is all well and fine and I may even agree, but he's only T-W-O!  I had Lauren in a crib until she was 2 1/2 and that was only because Evan was going to arrive and I was giving a good long transition to her before another baby came along.  If I had my way, he would remain in this crib until Kindergarten.
This was big shakes for the family on a Friday night!
Jumping was sure to happen...
And now for the "this little piece of wood on the edge will prevent you from rolling out of the bed"
And see....he really is a baby still....with that dirty binky and all!
But I am no fool!
See how this works out for you little man!
You can get IN, but you can't get OUT!
He now gets up and goes to the door and calls out
"Momma door!", "Dada door!", "Sissy door!"
Bueller? Bueller?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Wake up calls have been off and he took a shorter nap today, but overall I can't complain.  It just goes to show you when you don't freak out about these little changes (okay, I do think this is a big step) and just roll with it, your child does the same.  And after he got out of bed and realized he couldn't get out of the door and cried a bit......well, then it was over and he crawled into the bed and went to sleep.  A tiny bit of tough love goes a long way.  I will admit that it tugged at my heartstrings just a bit.  You know.....last baby.....last time for a crib.....growing up so fast. Now, if we were talking about transitioning from diapers to underwear........WELL, that is another blog post!!!

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