Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soup Obsessed....

Do you watch the show "The Next Food Network Star"?  Last season, Aarti Sequeira won.  You can find her on Facebook or read her blog here. You can catch her show on Sunday  mornings on the Food Network.  When Aarti won all I could think was, finally!!!  Some Indian spice on the show!  And, she always wears a flower in her hair!  Love that!

I love Indian food and dream of the day I will travel to these foreign lands.  My husband travels to India once a year to an office he has there.  (a division of this company) I now have friends who reside in India.  I want my children to experience "the India experience."  Until we are back in the travel zone, I love trying out new spices and recipes.

Since I watched the Next Food Network Star, I watched Aarti go from having little to no confidence in herself or her recipes to wining the whole hoopla....her. own. show.  Oh, my dream!  I mean, I think it is.  I have many dreams people!  I think that is a good thing!  I am really good at taking miscellaneous items out of the fridge and whipping up a fantastic meal.  Or, re-purposing leftovers into yet another fine creation.  Cooking is my meditation and outlet.

I love researching recipes, food blogs, and reading a cookbook like a good book. (my sister is at this second throwing up while reading this!)  Her husband (my bro-in-law) once said that I could take a hot dog, a piece of fish and a can of beans and turn it into a gourmet meal within minutes!  I love going to new grocery stores or farmer's markets.  The colors!  The possibilities!  My show name idea is "Impromptu." (Defined as:  Prompted by the occasion rather than being planned in advance: an impromptu party.)   And who doesn't love an impromptu party?  I think Aarti would agree!

So Aarti featured this soup on her show last week...Sweet-corn-and-chicken-soup. I cannot get enough of soup.  I make a kettle per week and eat it for lunch every day.  Easy, quick and satisfying! I made Aarti's soup and although I'm not sure I would make it again I was happy with the results and enjoyed the process.  Here is the key ingredient....Creamed Corn!  As a child we used to eat creamed corn on the regular and I loved it!  Maybe that's why I was so drawn to this recipe.
My kitchen helper, Lauren 
Aarti's soup begins with a leek, carrot and ginger "broth" with some peppercorns and coriander seeds.
She suggests using cheesecloth, but I used this handy giant "tea ball" from Williams Sonoma. 
 I normally use it in apple cider with mulling spices over the holidays.
The chicken breasts poach in the soup...very easy.
Then just shred the chicken with two forks...
The seasoning line-up!
soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar
I have issues with buying chicken stock.
I can't keep it in the house and it seems like I'm constantly lugging boxes or cans home from the grocery store week after week.  One of my BF's got me on this product called better-than-bouillon by Superior Touch.  It has saved me on more than one occasion when I thought I had stock but didn't.  It lasts a long time (unless you are obsessed with making soup!) and if I forget to take my homemade stock out of the freezer than I'm still safe!  The bouillon comes in a variety of flavors, organic, vegetarian and low-sodium.  I used a bit in this recipe.  Aarti's recipe calls for some bouillon cubes but you can leave it out all together.  
Just wanted to show you the lovely yellow color.

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  1. Don't forget that the travel to India needs to happen in the next three years :)There are plenty of family friendly things we can do. Are there any special spices you want me to get and send back with BA?