Friday, February 18, 2011

Pizza Fun....

I picked up a 99 cent pack of whole wheat "ready to bake" pizza dough and some pizza sauce from Trader Joe's this week.  I have realized that if the kids can make it or grow it themselves they are delighted!  Lauren eats cherry tomatoes by the handful and I fully believe it is only because we grew them in the garden and she ate them straight from the plant as she helped me pick our harvest.
 I let the kids roll out the dough.
(with a little help from mom!)

We added lots of cheese!
We waited patiently!

And enjoyed!!!!
Involve your kids in dinner plans for tonight!  I have to "let go" and allow some messes once in a while!
Happy Friday! What are you making for dinner tonight? Fridays are usually pizza night for our family.

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