Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick Crab Cakes...

Photo from Real Simple

For Valentine's Day I sprang for a can of some fresh lump crab meat from Blue Star.  (I purchased it at Costco for $13...I only used 1/2 can for this recipe)  I made this fantastic recipe for "Quick Crab Cakes".  I have to give credit where credit is due.  My sister (who is NOT one that enjoys cooking and would rather, on most nights, poke her eye out instead of cook) gave this recipe to me years ago.  I have made it many times, however, obviously not for my husband.  (I thought I had!)  He could not handle the goodness of these little gems.  He couldn't stop saying how delicious they were or "was I going to eat that last one?" 
The ingredients include:  potato chips (the thicker the better in my opinion), tartar sauce, Dijon mustard, lump crab, pepper, lemon and butter.  I added garlic and used a wee bit of mayo.  I didn't realize I did have tartar sauce in the fridge!  A ton of fresh dill added to this is also awesome.  I improvised with dill seed and it transformed the recipe into something better than when I followed the recipe.
"Fancy" Dill Seed to be exact!  From McCormick!
 Wild Caught, Hand Picked (16 oz)
So fresh.....
Since I was going by memory on the real-deal Real Simple recipe, I free-formed it and added garlic, dill seed and siracha garlic chili sauce and really, I wouldn't be me if I didn't add some HEAT to a recipe!  My additions really transformed the recipe into something much tastier than I remember.
 I suggest making the patties small to medium sized.
Here's the real kicker....
Yep, nice squares of butter on top so the crab 
cakes get nice and brown during broiling!  
 Add some champagne or sparking wine...
Brown them up nicely 
(I flipped them so both sides got nice and crunchy)
Add a nice salad and enjoy!

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