Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recipe Rundown...

Here are three new recipes I have made within the past week:
Photo from: smittenkitchen
Chard and white bean stew from Smitten Kitchen  (Smitten Kitchen is an awesome website to check out with fantastic food photography!)
I made this more as a soup vs. a stew, which in my book is all about thickness.  (Stew = thick, Soup = thinner, broth-like)  Also, I love kale so using Swiss chard was easy.  It is more spinach-like in taste and texture.  You can use any kind of "green" really.

Also, in the recipe from SK, which was adapted from Dan Barber's recipe in epicurious.com, they both suggest cooking the chard in boiling, salted water for 1 minute, removing, cooking the rest of the soup and adding it back in for 5 minutes at the end.  I did not see the point.  I cleaned the chard and just chopped it and added it at the end.  Why the extra step?  I don't get it.  Maybe you know something I don't know!
Photo from:  thepioneerwoman
Baked Lemon Pasta from The Pioneer Woman  Now, I do love me some pioneer woman, and she'll be the first to admit that she was urban cool, eatin' sushi and trendy entrees before she moved to a ranch in Oklahoma, but I find some of her recipes a little boring and bland.  She is making them simple for her family who doesn't care so much for anything out of the ordinary.

Since I mostly use recipes as a guide anyway, I just kicked up the spice on this one by adding crushed red pepper flake and hot sauce.  If you like lemon, you will love this one.  Also, I'm not sure what baking the pasta does to it?????  Perhaps the sauce soaks into the noodles and it tastes better?  You have to be careful that it doesn't dry out too.  Next time I'd skip the baking part and just toss it in the delicious creamy lemon sauce and eat!
Photo from:  chadchandler
Veal scallopini piccata from Chad Chandler  Who doesn't love a fellow "unknown" blogger just doing his thing?  I came across Chad Chandler from a google search for veal scallopini and his piccata version came up.  Look!  His photos look like mine!  My husband loves veal and scallopini just refers to "a thinly sliced cut of meat."  I purchased my veal already cut thin and perfect.  You can pound it thin as well but why go to all that work when I have enough to do already in my life?!  I like my butcher (grocery case....already packaged and wrapped!) to take care of business for me!  Piccata simply means "sliced, sautéed, and served in a sauce containing lemonbutter, and spices, usually parsley." 

Now, who doesn't love a creamy sauce containing butter and lemon?  I served this with the lemon pasta for a LEMON SHAM-WOW effect!  My husband loves a caper and I have really grown to love them over the years too.  A caper might be the coolest thing ever!  It is a pickled bud from the caper bush.  How neat is that?  (Yes, I still use the word "neat" like a big geek)  Overall, this was another meal that was complete restaurant quality, per my husband.  There is a reason we don't eat out often as we are commonly disappointed.

What I enjoyed most about finding Chad Chandler is that all the other recipes for veal scallopini that came up on my google search did not contain capers (making it "piccata") so hat's off to you Chad!

Give a new recipe a try this week!  Try a new ingredient you have never cooked with before!  

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