Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shepherd's Pie Wednesday....

Pre-baked Beauty....parsnip/potato mash on top with extra sharp white cheddar and lots of hot paprika!
I used to love Rachael Ray.  Back in the day.  When she was not so over-exposed and when I first started "really cooking" and she was my go-to for recipes and easy to do meals that were out of my comfort zone, yet didn't freak me out.  Now, well, I still love ya RR, but I've moved on!  I've learned so much for you and give you much credit to my skillzzzzz in the kitchen today, but I just don't think about accessing your recipes anymore.  I DVR your show, but fast-forward through most of it.  I do apologize.  I would enjoy a few good years of over exposure, so it's really not personal!
Baked Beauty...All browned and crispy on top!
Ahhhhh.....lookin' good!
When was the last time you had Shepherd's pie?  I can't remember.  I usually order it at an Irish pub.  I also cannot remember ever making it at home but I appreciated the potato-parsnip mash on top and the rich, savory veggie layer.  The meat and mushroom layer may have been the best!  (that was the bottom layer)
I always enjoy trying a new recipe!
Maybe you will enjoy a little Shepherd's Pie next week!

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