Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wings part Deux

The man himself...Alton Brown

I really am not obsessed with wings.  I don't want you to get the wrong idea.  I just have this thing about making recipes over and over if they are truly that good.  Plus, it was Super Bowl Sunday and you must have wings!  GO PACK!  WORLD CHAMPIONS!  Rock on!

To be honest, I only tried a taste of each wing, but did not "indulge" in many.  I like cooking for people more than I like eating my own cooking. I spoke of Alton Brown's wings over here.  But, I never took any "action" shots.  And this second time I mixed things up a bit and wanted to share that with y'all.  (I'm imitating PW here....and my friends from Texas). 

 I followed Alton's recipe (here) but after reading the recipe reviews (do you ever do that?  Geek that I am, I really do!  And I've gotten such good this one.)  I dry-rubbed one batch and marinaded one batch....then steamed....then cooled down....then baked.....then added the traditional butter/hot sauce/garlic sauce to the marinaded wings.  The dry rubbed ones were the favorite overall.  Alton's process is a bit tedious, but so worth it.  I've never had wings that are so tender, yet nice and crispy on the outside.

Dry Rubbed wings and drums....
I used South African spice rubs in "Zulu Fire" and "Sweet & Smokey"
 I just combined a bit of both.  It was awesome!  I found these rubs at TJ Maxx in the food section.  
 Wet marinade on the second batch
New favorite BBQ sauce
Famous Dave's Texas Pit
 Steaming the wings
Ready for cool-down period
See how lovely my pics are?
I only used natural light...
I just about forgot to take a "finished product" shot!
These are the ones Evan man-handled and dipped in blue cheese sauce...
Oh, I also made a variation of PW's nachos too.
I used ground beef, added enchilada sauce, and used black vs. pinto beans.
I like her tutorial on how to layer up the fixing's so every chip has goodness on them.
This is my nephew Konrad.
He knows how to eat some wings!
Just look at those bones left!
He doesn't mess around!

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