Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fun Decorating Idea....

You know all that unused fine china and special plates you have in your hutch or buffet in the dining room?  Well I first saw this fantastic idea on Apartment Therapy.  You can unleash it all from storage and create a cool wall display.  
This is a display found at Anthropologie.  A store I could pretty much spend all my money in.  However, I like to think I can do the same awesome stuff on a budget.  Because as the self-proclaimed queen of  Goodwill, resale shops, thrift stores and garage sales, I strongly believe doing anything on a budget is half the fun!  The thrill of the hunt gets my blood pumping!
Here is a similar idea found on Apartment Therapy.  I like both looks~the plates really close together or more spaced out.
Another goodie found on Apartment Therapy.  Plates are the perfect kitchen display!  And if you've been in a Goodwill store lately, you can find a lovely assortment of plates in all shapes, sizes and colors for cheap!
This plate (I have 2!) is marked "Tiffany & Co. New York City" on the back. We got both when my husband's Grandmother passed.  I adore them.  
This is my (mother's mother) Grandmother's "fine china" from a million moons ago.  Very simple.  I had no idea she even had china.  I had never seen it before my request when I was planning my wall display!  

This is my (father's mother) Grandmother's china.  As a child, it was part of every holiday  meal at her house.  Such great memories.

This is how I remember my (mother's mother) Grandmother.  She had every piece known to mankind of this popular wheat pattern.  She had sold the entire set years ago so my mom found an antique store to supply this plate for the beloved wall!   It wouldn't have been complete without this memory.
This is our fine china.  Before we were even married we purchased a whole set of Limoges (France) china at an auction.  Simple and elegant.  And we rarely use it.  Hence, make a wall display so at least you can enjoy it!  This particular Limoges was sold at M F & Co. and also has that mark on the back.  (That would be Marshall Field & Co. ~ A Chicago classic!)
My Grandmother (mother's mother) gave me this special plate that she had in her cupboard, given to her by a dear friend.  I really got everyone on board with my plate project!!!  I remember this woman (Loretta) living next door to my Grandmother while I was growing up so it has special meaning to me too.
This is the church where my mom and dad got married.  She got this when they got married.  She used it as her cake plate for years.  This is a keepsake.
I have 4 of these assorted Sierra Club plates from back in the day.  My husband's Grandmother had them and we received them when she passed.

And last but not least, the below photo is a plate my Grandmother (father's mother) had in her house forever. I just remember it.   Like, it was always there and always a part of her and her house and how I remember everything being.....just perfect and just her.  I can smell how her house always smelled right now.  And the pantry?  Don't even get me started.  I'm on a trip down memory lane tonight (apparently)!!!!!!
I love that pink iris.  In the Spring, we have so many purple irises that bloom and bring life to the yard after the long, hard, cold winter.  I have never seen a pink iris.  
So the idea here is to take the special memories and special collectibles and get them out of the box (literally) and do something with them that allows you to honor them and cherish them.  Don't wait until somebody dies or you find the "right thing" to decorate with.  Just go with your instincts.  It works every time.

This is a shot from farther away.  This is my a corner of my dining room.  I usually have a big plant or flowers on that table when I have people over.  I can still add more plates to the flow.  Decorating is a process and I find that if I don't rush things, they gradually come together and make me very happy.  (As opposed to rushing and spending too much money and falling into trends that don't last the test of time.)

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