Thursday, March 24, 2011

Old Friends are the Best Friends....

This photo is not a "real" photo of Kelly and Tricia!
Photo is merely a  representation of our fab 80s style (ha!)  
I couldn't find any of my 20th reunion photos or flashback photos...

My friend Kelly just started a blog.  I must share.  Not just because her first post is all about me (hahahha!) but she's a really cool person who is really smart and funny and I like her.  We've been friends since 6th grade!  That is pretty amazing!
You can check out Kelly's blog  here:  Kelly's Deli

Here is Kelly's first post:

Inspiration, part 1
One of the first blogs I started reading is written by an old hometown pal.

We didn’t keep in touch much after high school. Ran into each other at class reunions. She was the one still working the corporate life, with no kids at year 15,  enjoying being an “aunt” to her friends with children. Shortly after the 15 yr reunion she got pregnant. So did I, and our daughters were born a few weeks apart, email keeping us informed of our pregnancy adventures. In 2008 we jumped on the facebook bandwagon and somewhere in there she started writing a blog.
Now she’s a stay at home mom, with a son as well, writing a blog I find very entertaining, Mommy*s Missing Pieces Maybe it’s because I know her, and can hear her voice as I read. More likely it’s because she’s just a darn fine writer….it all started in 6th grade, I’m guessing.
We met in 6th grade, when all the elementary schools converge into middle school. In addition to homeroom, which we shared throughout the years due to our mid-alphabet last names, we also had English class together. Our group assignment was to determine which language would reign throughout the world if only one language could exist. Would it be English? Spanish? French even? …. hold on….we concluded, and I’m not even remotely kidding….the new official language of the world would be, now remember this was the 80s….Valley Girl. Like ohmahgod, could you die! gag me with a spoon. As I recall we provided a very strong argument for why Valley Girl would be all the rage. And we probably got an A. But thank (ohmah)god Valley Girl did not become the universal language of the world!

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  1. How Sweet! I wish I had vivid memories like that :) I'm going to go check out your friends blog! xo