Monday, March 14, 2011


As a stay-at-home Mom, I enjoy a good day out of the house.  A day filled with errands, lunch, accomplishing things on my list.  (Most of the time lugging two kids around.....Lauren is easy as she can get in and out by herself and usually buckle herself in.  Evan being two years old, ugh, not so much!)  Today I had the good sense to get a babysitter so I could take care of a few things without Evan while Lauren was at school.  

Back in the day, in my old-life, (ha! my "old life" would mean before kids....those deliciously selfish years that you thought you could never give up on, and now, post kids, you realize meant nothing!) most of my days were filled to the brim with work and all those things you do before work, during your lunch hour and after work.  Most everyday in the old life I felt a pretty good sense of accomplishment.

Today the sense of accomplishment feels different.  I still hold myself to a pretty high level even if I don't leave the house.  It's all the little things I do during the day that in totality equal a happy life for the whole family.  Laundry isn't glamorous but it can give you a sense of fulfillment if you keep up with it!  The same goes for every other aspect of cleaning and organizing and my general O.C.D ism's!  As my BF Janet says about me, "I could drop by your house any time, any hour and you'd have your house in order!"  It enables me to be spontaneous.  You can't be spontaneous if you are up to your armpits in chaos.

Today I had two freelance writing assignment interviews and a meeting.  I ate lunch in my car.  Lunch that was well overdue and I had that weird heady feeling I get when I don't eat and am amped up on caffeine and am go-go-go.  It felt great!  It felt good to have all these "things to do" that didn't involve children.  Just me and my new writing gigs.  I left the house with a good outfit on.  I was busy and felt fulfilled.  I felt like I could do it all!  

Well, just for today.  I have those fantasies of all day kindergarten in the Fall coupled with daycare.  But do I really want that?  Probably not.  But it's nice to have options.  It's nice to have things to do just for yourself.

I picked Lauren up from school and came home to empty the dishwasher and change into my yoga pants.  It's all about balance.  It's all about cultivating those passions and dreams.  And now I need a nap!

Happy Monday! 

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