Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday's Signs of Spring...

We are starting our garden plants from seed this year and it was a family project.  It appears our little plants are off to a good start!
Reaching toward the sunlight!  I am not sure it will ever be nice outside again!  I saw my breath last night entering the grocery store!  Come on now!  It's the end of March....but alas, we live in Chicago.  The dreaded hanging on forever winters of Chicago.  Just about everyone I know is OVER it!

Evan gets a ride in the wheel barrow and the kids and him remove all the dead grass from alongside the house...

 Clippers, a rake, a bubble mower and a bike!  
Definitely signs of Spring!
Dad's tool...
Evan's tool!  He ran into the house to get this 
when he saw Dad's tool!

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