Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Random Thoughts.....

December 2008
Terry (my mom), me before c-section with Evan, Kerstin (mother-in-law) and Lauren
A little showcase of two incredible woman on either side of me! 
And one in purple who will someday live up to their greatness!

Okay, I'm so out of the loop here.  I've thought about writing everyday.  Everyday since I last saw you on Wed., April 13.  But then some little 'ol things called life got in the way......hmmmm, my own thyroid surgery, Mom's first week of chemo, a little half-sickness after my surgery, and a broken back light on my lap-top. 

Jeesh, looks like if I can't write a blog post whilst sitting my arse on the couch with T.V. I am just not happy!  I did, however, just now, haul that same arse to the office to use the "big" computer : )  I am a creature of habit for sure! 

But writing is like working out for me.  I just have to do it to feel right and good with the world, or rather myself.  Sometimes the words for a blog post just rush into my head.  Now prior to the blog, I would simply write them down on paper.  So it's good to be back folks!

I have tons of photos and Easter doings, and lots of my mother-in-law's vintage clothing to show you.  I have thoughts bubbling up and over and I took to carrying a journal around last week to write in.  We have an iPad, but I just can't handle the "hunt and peck" method of typing for a whole blog post.  A Facebook update?  No problem.  Is it just me, or do you love a keyboard?  That tactile sense and auditory tap-tap-tap.  All the things I have realized about myself since we last chatted!!!!

Things are good.  I feel like I've been broken open (just not near the neck...hahahhah) and I'm filled with love for all things.  I have this connectedness feeling toward man-kind, the world, my life.  Is this a surgery side-effect?  Have I always been this way but as Shirley MacLaine said on Oprah, (just para-phrasing here) I have simply acknowledged the god (whoever, however that looks to you) residing inside me? 

That old saying  that goes something about "you are not your circumstances", well, it's true.  This life is gonna keep on life-ing away and how I choose to handle that is all me, myself and I.  Everybody has a ridiculous amount of stuff going on at any given time and why not embrace it and roll with the changes rather than lay on the couch with chips and cry?  (However, that's good to do sometimes too!)

My mom's stem-cell journey (which began with a week of chemo last week) has given me this little gem:  If people ask you how they can help, tell them.  I can't do it all.  But I can do quite a bit if I accept or ask for help.  Thank you life-lesson number 3, 425.  (I just made that number up.)  I know I am honored when people ask me for help.  I feel proud and glad to be of assistance in anyway I can.  So I get that when I ask or accept help from a friend, family member or neighbor, they feel the same way.  So I asked for help and accepted help last week and I'm better for it.

I also realized that all you ever really need to say in most situations is "thank you."  Thank you Northwestern Memorial Hospital for all your life-saving, life-giving, life-renewing abilities.  Thank you to the desk clerks, nurses, doctors, assistances, cleaning crew, and the guy who moved my mom's bed from day surgery to the woman's hospital.  That gentleman took his job as seriously as an FBI agent and for that I applaud him.  People like him make the world a better place.  He made me want to be a better person.  Thank you to all those research scientists who even figured out what a stem cell was and how to harvest it.  Thank you to all those medical students who take on huge medical school debt to do the work they were called to do. 

I am alive to life.  Guess I needed a little shake up.  A little reminder that my mom is really gutsy.  In the face of a disease to which she didn't know she had with no symptoms she decided to go big or go home.  To go all the way for the best chance at remission.  She shows me how to be a better person everyday.  She shows us all how to live today.

And now to lighten the mood, Lauren was playing LPS (Littlest Pet Shop for those of you not in "the-know"!!!!) on my mom's bed and found a cute little bird with a nice round head and said, "Grandma this is what you are gonna look like when you lose your hair!"  Rock on Lauren.  Bald Grandma's are cool cats!

(For the health update on Terry, she is doing GREAT!  I seriously thought she wouldn't have the strength to get up and down the stairs.  She is eating well (those steroids give you a good appetite) and she has mostly fatigue.  Anti-nausea pills have helped and home-health care nurses come every other day.  I have been given a tutorial on how to flush out her IV cath and give her shots.  Um, yeah....if not for my non-math ability I soooo could have rocked a nursing career!  I'm a natural!  Overall, I'm just amazed....her spirits remain high)


  1. Huge HUGS for all of you....wish I were there to help too. I've learned to ask for help with all the moving we've done. Most people really do want to help but just don't know how or where it is needed. Glad you're you

  2. Great Post! I'm so glad your family is all together right now. Love that first pic, what a keepsake. I'm sending tons of healing vibes your way for you and your mom! xxx

  3. Hugs to everyone and may laughter fill your air today!