Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Old School Promise...

This is hanging in Evan's room. It was Grandpa Mark's (he's 66 now and this is from his days as a "scout.") I love it!  This is what is says:

Cub Scout Promise
I promise...

To do my best to do my duty
To God and my Country
To be square, and 
To obey the Law of the Pack

How do you like that "be square" line?  And for those of you wondering, yes....pretty much every object in my house has some sort of meaning behind it.  There is no better place to find goodies to decorate with than your parents attic!  I love being surrounded my these meaningful treasures.  I will be devastated if the kids don't inherit this "love of old" from me!
Classic scout painting from Norman Rockwell...

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  1. I love this little treasure!

    I too enjoy having family history items around. I love being in baby boys room.... a lot of neat family stuff in there :)