Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty in Pink....

I'm here with another vintage find that was gifted to me from my Great Aunt Ruth! (the owner of the red velvet dress!)  I can only imagine the other gems she has in the back of her closets!  My mom and aunt were helping her "purge" some items in her cedar chest and they rescued this for me.  It actually fits but is a bit short in the waist (as vintage usually was the style!) Vintage clothing and my body type don't usually work but by some miracle this one works!  I cannot wait to wear it!
Ging Loo "Hand trimmed in Hong Kong" vintage label.  Those vintage labels get me every time.

pink and beaded and beautiful!
Bead detail on the sleeve....
Check out the shoulder detail!  I mean really!
More of the front...It's hard to capture the true color...
Back detail as seen hanging up with the sun shining through it....
You can see the color better in this pic.

I could seriously look at this sweater every time I go into my closet!  And for the record, I adore the movie Pretty in Pink.   Who could rock vintage better than Andie Walsh?  I dreamed of being a smidgen as cool as her!

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  1. I adore this vintage treasure Tricia! Thanks for sharing and yeahh!!! for vintage hand-me-downs through family. Also, Pretty in Pink is MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER! You are totally channeling Andie ;-) xoxo with vintage love