Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A See a Trend Here.....

I read the final title "Mockingjay" in the Suzanne Collins Hunger Games trilogy a few months ago.  While finishing up this book while on a trip to my sister's house, I then purchased these earrings....
I told her they were my "mockingjay" earrings!
This picture just looks a little cooler, even though it does not add to actually seeing the earrings!
Then along came these Anthropologie sconces (with the tag still on them, alas, not the price tag!) for $3.00 a piece! (I splurged for both....ha, ha)
See that little mockingjay up on the top?  All the brass on this is either a bird or a leaf....
For lack of a better place, I just hung them on the windows in the dining room
Then I realized this was hanging in my closet.  I got this "Disney" necklace from Wal-Mart for $1.00!  Lauren got a similar one as well.  I guess it's kinda like when you buy a red car and all of a sudden every car you see is red!  So now that's it's on my radar I'll have to curb the birds!!!!  Lauren and I have a song.  You know, like when you and your boyfriend pick a song?  Yep.  Guess what it is?  Black Bird by Paul McCartney.

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  1. I love all this birdie stuff... don't stop! :)