Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Snowman for Spring Break....

We headed to Door County, WI for Spring Break.  It's off-season and quiet, not crowded and rather lovely. I've been traveling to Door County since I was a young child.  Now I'm instilling this same love of DC in my children.  It's Northern Wisconsin, so of course there is still snow!
But our arrival on a Thursday afternoon was sunny and mild.  The perfect day to sit outside with wine and the paper.  And of course, build a snowman!
Getting there!
Pretty good said Dad!
Mom added some detail...
snack time...
Nothin' like a little hot chocolate, pickled herring and wine!
Mom got a short sassy haircut like mine : )
She will only have hair for a few more weeks so went balls-out and dared to "go big or go home go" with a short haircut.  About two weeks after chemo begins she will lose her hair.  Hair....sheesh, it's over-rated.  She'll still be my mom.  My bald and beautiful mom.  As Lauren said, "well, she'll still be my grandma so I don't care if she doesn't have hair."
Just tryin' to keep it real people!

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