Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vintage Goodness at it's Best....

I am obsessed with finding unique, weird and cool things from all my thrifting adventures.  I went to a favorite spot in Door County and found this delightful lobster for $3.00.  I walked away from it.  I tried to not see him.  I avoided eye contact with him.  I wanted to not want him.  But I did.  I am trying to learn to trust my instincts when I see these pieces that speak to me.  It gets a little muddled sometimes because I can easily become a hoarder of kitschy-vintage pieces.  But hubs happened to come into the store with me and when I said, "I am obsessed with this" he said, "well get it then."  Okay then.  DONE.  In the cart and we don't need to speak another word of this.
The front claws seem to have little holes for those lovely little lobster forks.
Here is the back view....

The main dish is for hot melted butter and the bottom is rounded so it doesn't sit perfectly straight.  I believe the whole lobster originally sat atop a tealight holder of some sort so the butter would stay warm and melted.  (which makes this all the more genius)  

It makes me feel like a white cotton sundress with espadrilles on a Cape Cod kinda Sunday.....maybe a balloon tire bicycle with a basket in front.  A complete movie scene ending with some romance over lobster dipped in butter.....Ah!  Can you feel it?  

I envision this little guy sitting on a coffee table with maybe candy in the dish?  (on second thought I have two children who would eat every lick of that said candy down in two seconds!)  but you get the idea right?  You have to look beyond the original use and think like Nate Berkus, or rather Tricia Kushman Anderson!  Someday I'll be on the Nate show dishing about my blog and funky little red lobsters as coffee table art.  
Just sayin'.

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  1. Love this Tricia! Maybe I'll get to meet your dish one day when we circle back to your place for wine club. He would make a nice addition to the party! :-)

    Jenn D.