Monday, May 23, 2011

All things pickled....

To speak to my love of all things pickled, I went on a rampage a few weeks ago preparing "bloody mary bar condiments" for our trip in June.  I was sick of paying so much money for pickled veggies!  A little tiny jar costs around $7!  All I did was steam my veggies (mom questions this....not sure if it is needed or not, but I wanted a "slight" bite to the veggies and not a "chew"!!!) and pour a few cups of vinegar that I brought to a boil with some peppercorns and bay leaf and I added garlic and onion to some of them.  By "them" I mean:  green beans, brussel sprouts, asparagus and a little magic I will describe below.  Mom was the inspirado for this whole pickling factory that began in my kitchen when we used all the leftover eggs from Easter for a lovely little pickled egg treat.
This my friends is what I will call the "Tom Kushman Special"~Could anything be finer than a mix of sauerkraut, green pepper, onion and celery?  I think not.  But I might be weird.  I grew up eating sauerkraut.  And in the words of my BF Kelly, "I could drink the juice straight from the can of sauerkraut!"  (this is why I can vacation with this woman!!!!) 

I am not sure why, but I've never made this before and I feel like I've been denying myself and my family and friends the goodness!  (my sister is gagging right now and does not follow me on this one I'm sure!!!!)  My Dad LOVED this "relish" if you will.  My Mom prepared this so many times for him that at one point I think she may have banned it for awhile!  Her recipe calls it "Sauerkraut Relish" but I like my name much better!  You can eat it like a side dish or use it as a relish on hot dogs or brats or sausage, etc.  Anyway you use it, you will not be disappointed!!!!

Very simply, all it is is two jars of kraut (drained) some celery and onion and green pepper chopped up and added to 2 cups vinegar and 1 cup sugar. (bring to a boil and pour over the mix)  So this relish is "sweet and sour" as opposed to all my pickled veggies, which are straight sour.  (To which husband HAD to comment about and say, "I really think some sugar was needed.")  Well, then.....keep your dirty mitts off the condiments if you prefer to have a bloody on vacation!!!!!!!!  I mean, really!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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