Monday, May 23, 2011

For the Love of Fruit & Veggies....

In the spirit of the Farmer's Markets opening and all the DELISH produce I see at my local grocery store (which is not one of the big name rip off joints~but rather one that specializes in excellent prices on fruit and veggies....really, how can anyone afford to shop at anything but?  You name a fruit or veggie, and I can find it here!  I love you Joe Caputo & Sons!) I would like to highlight a recent haul....

Let's begin with the beloved brussel sprout.  My fave way to prepare is cooking them with some olive oil and a touch of butter in a pan....getting them nice and brown and adding some crushed red pepper flake and S & P and a few drizzles of honey.  It forms a lovely glaze and the sprouts are tender and a touch spicy.
Who doesn't love asparagus?  (never mind the weird number it does on your urine smell!)  I love them anyway I can get them.....roasted, steamed or pickled.  Yes, pickled.  In a nice bloody mary on a Sunday afternoon.  I pickled this whole lot.  I am preparing for vacation where we have a "bloody mary bar" of condiments.  Yum!
 The kids could eat a pint per day of strawberries.....and here is a quick look at our bountiful crop....

Now if we can only harvest before the birds eye all the good red fruit when they turn!
We planted eggplant in the garden this year.  I normally would say I don't like it, but using the proper technique of salting the sliced eggplant to remove the excess water really pays off.  You can then use a nice panko bread crumb and pan fry them to golden deliciousness!  I made some "veggie stackers" with the eggplant and red pepper and a bunch of other veggies with a nice honey goat cheese slice on top.  It was devine!  I got the idea from the food court at the hospital.....can you believe that?
 I am obsessed with lemon juice in my water!  I can't get enough.  The kids now ask me if I have lemon "in there" before they guzzle now on my water bottle.  The kids love apple and peanut butter.  Oh, and do I have a nifty gadget for you in regard to a whole pineapple!

This one is from Willams Sonoma and is fancy and around $20.  Mine is plastic and was around $10 and it does the same thing.  Do you see that empty pineapple shell in the background?  That is exactly what it does and you have so little waste.  I am in love!  I usually cut up a whole pineapple every Sunday for breakfast.  I've been cooking up a storm, especially since Mom has been staying with us.  She gave me a great compliment by telling me that I am always preparing healthy meals for my family.  I say it's just my job!  And it's done with love XO
Lauren can't seem to get enough of watermelon these days.  She wanted it before it even looked good in the store but how can you say no to a child who requests fruit?  I love my watermelon with salt on it.  I'm a salt freak.  I say if you HAVE the fruit and veggies in the house you cook more, eat more and the kids eat healthy.  I am convinced my kids only eat tomatoes because we grow them in the garden.  Lauren wanted to eat a tomato last night as a snack before bed!  I love that we have literally "planted" the seeds of good eating with a garden and lots of fruit and veggies on hand at all times.

So happy Farmer's Market time, gardening, planting and harvesting friends!  Relish these days now and hold them in your heart fondly so we can pull them out in the thick of snow and ice and cold and reminisce!  (I know.....can you believe I even said "S" word?  sorry!)

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  1. fyi....lemon water is huge here...sweet, salty, or both. I personally can't handle the salty but have been told it's a must have during the heat. Something to teach the kiddos. In Hindi lemon water is called Nimbu Panni :)