Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Flow.....

We love Chicago 4-ever!
Especially Nortwestern Memorial Hospital!

So I really have a million (too legit to quit) excuses for why I haven't been "tending to the blog."  However, now I'm just in this space of .................well, emptiness.  I have forty thousand ideas floating around in my head and I finally sat down in the office to write tonight and it's like.........beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.  I got nuthin'.  But really, I have everything! 

I returned from checking Mom into the hospital on Monday and was spent in every way.  I slept for 10 hours that night and I've never felt so human again or like such a good mom.  (Why do NON exertion type things just make you so stinkin' exhausted?  I literally sat in a chair all day an was exhausted!  It's the same way for me after an airplane ride.  Has anyone ever researched this?!) I haven't been yelling at the kids and I've been patient and understanding.  (I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop!  But I do know I'm in control of it all!)  I took the kids to the park and library and I've just been living in the present.  What a difference that makes!  So simple, yet it works.  They are so much easier to deal with when I'M easier to BE with!  (I mean DUH!)

Did you watch the James Frey interview on Oprah today and yesterday?  I only watched the one from Tuesday and I have to say I was blown away.  I was expecting something totally different and what I got was a shining example of how to take responsibility for yourself, your life and your actions.  I was humbled by James' humanness, his calm demeanor and I can't wait to see today's show.  I fail to ever find that my time spent watching Oprah is wasted.  I will feel a huge void when I don't have her show to watch daily.  I am all over the OWN shows though.  That will fill a tiny part!

I continue to be amazed by life.  I continue to find out who I am everyday.  I have never felt so good about being 40 in August.  I am just getting started.  I am just coming into who I really am.  Wow does it feel good.  To feel good in your own skin. 

I just started reading "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen and about 25 pages in, I'm hooked.  I really like reading a book before seeing the movie because the movie always seems to disappoint me.  I am waiting for Adele "21" CD to arrive for me at the library.  I'm in need of some new music for the ipod and she speaks to me.  I read a small snippet about her in a magazine and she said she "never wanted to look like the other women in magazines" and who doesn't love that?

I have realized in the past few weeks that all anyone ever really needs in life is proper sleep and to say the words "thank you" in any situation~good or bad. 

So how was that for my "I" rant?  whew!  I feel better already!  Thank you for your continued love and support as my mother grows stronger in the following weeks.  Our entire family is beyond thrilled with this incredible opportunity for my mom to receive a stem cell transplant.  It is amazing technology and we are in awe. 


  1. Once again you've given me reason to smile.

  2. 1) loved water for elephants and am looking forward/dreading the film.
    2) my friends and I were just talking about how many of the times we have little patience and are short with our children it has little to do with them and more to do with what is going on in our lives. I've always felt they feed off our emotions.
    3) love you and your family. So happy for all of you and how well your mom is doing.
    4) really wish we could catch up while in US but time, distance, money, etc always get in the way

  3. I saw both days of the James Frey interview and feel the same way.