Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's the Remix....

I wrote several posts last year talking about some of my favorite accessories and clothing. 
I like to say "I don't get out much" so when I do, I like to kick it up a notch with a good outfit. 
These are Candies shoes from Kohl's...
"Sapphire in the Snow" OPI nail polish on the toes...
Here's another angle of the them! 
Everybody needs a nude pump right?
Jeans: DKNY from Costco
Here's the whole look....Lauren took the photo so my hair is cut off a bit!
I wore a long black tank top underneath the vintage sweater because it's a bit short in the waist.

Purse: vintage from my mother-in-law
(it had a geeky long string so you could use it as a real purse instead of a clutch,
but I cut it it's a cool clutch!) 
Bracelet:  Ann Taylor Loft (gold tone)  Bird Ring:  JCPenney

Another view of the goods!
Vintage necklace that perfectly covered my thyroid scar
 and the "pretty in pink" sweater....

Where did my waist go?
I think I'm standing at a weird angle with my hip out!


  1. I was wondering who took these pictures! Go Lauren!!! Scar??? I see no scar... you should wear that necklace all the time if it's that great of camouflager :) I'm glad you're healing up and dressing up! xxx

  2. you look so good! i need to work out and there is my inspiration! oh and how bout a selfless plug for Janet at Scissor Happy for the absolute coolest hair on the planet?