Tuesday, May 10, 2011

These are the Gems of Life....

Mother's Day Flower 2011

A piece of me
I give to you
I made the flower
To say "I love you."

The heart is you
The hand is me
To show we are friends....
the best there can be.

I hope you will save it
And look back someday
At the flowers we shared
On your special day.

These are the kind of things you don't think about before you have kids.  These are the kind of things that make me want to lie down on the floor and curl up into a little ball and cry.  Cry for the joy of it all and for all the frustrations of parenting.  I told my mom yesterday that I had no idea how much she loved me until I had my own kids.  It's like you are broken open.  How could I possibly have thought my life would have been anything without these two little rascals that make me smile, laugh and scream a lot?  I wouldn't change a thing.  I am a better human being because of them.  They teach me something new everyday.  I will however tell you that I WILL NOT  (I mean it!) WILL NOT miss these "messy years."  Call me anal or crazy, but this momma loves a clean house.  And I'm counting down the days until the basement playroom is finished and all these cars and dolls and trucks and toys are out of my sight!!!!

I gave my Mom a pedicure for Mother's Day and Lauren had to get in on the action!  Imagine that!  Wait, on second thought, what did I get for Mother's Day?  Hmmmmm......Oh right, focus on that joy.  Channel the inner joy the rascals bring...(try harder!)

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