Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Algonquin's #1 Women & Juniors Consignment Boutique....

Marianne Evans, Owner of Your Best Friend's Closet

Have your checked out Your Best Friend's Closet lately? Marianne Evans, owner of YBFC, would love for you to check out all the spectacular stuff her store has to offer. In business for six and a half years, Evans has seen an evolution of changes take place within her store. Evans proudly says, "Our quality is better and we have better brand names, in addition to a much larger inventory.”

"People are smarter and in today's economy it's cool to shop resale," Evans points out, adding, "We aren't your mother's Salvation Army or unorganized garage sale!" Shopping resale enables you to take a chance on a piece of clothing without committing to that full retail price tag, which is why YBFC customers keep coming back for more. The store takes in approximately 2,000 new pieces every day, and therefore Evans says, "We have so much one of a kind stuff and with almost 3,000 consignors, we have a urgency to get the new merchandise out daily." This savvy business woman quickly realized that expanding her store to three times the size of her existing one in the middle of a recession would pay off tremendously.

"Clothes bring the people in, but it's the friendships we create over the years with our customers and consignors that make my job joyful," added Evans. In-store events are hosted monthly, sometimes highlighting another local business or entrepreneur, and Evans and her nine employees like to step out with the customers (who are more like friends really) for "Girl's Night Out" events as well. Shopping at YBFC is more of a social experience than anything.

It's no surprise Evans ended up running a business based on clothing, interaction, contributing to the community and simply having fun. Her personality is electric, engaging and she's down right funny. She keeps it real, which is why her customers love her. Evans’ staff seems to mirror her character, and you get the sense that they truly enjoy coming to work. "Each employee brings something different to the table," says Evans. In this world of big-box cookie cutter franchises and outlet malls, that seems rare and is what makes this place special. It's yet another reason to shop at YBFC.

Before YBFC, Evans ran a forklift business, was a bridal sales consultant, sold Mary Kay and was an expert at putting on a great garage sale. She succeeded at all—but her first garage sale planted the seed for YBFC. Evans’ garage sales were more like a retail experience and included carpet, music, a dressing room and refreshments. The first day of her sale she sold $1,200, causing her friends, family and neighbors to keep asking her to do their garage sales or sell items for them. Evans had a little neighbor girl named Maggie (she's 27 now and a Registered Nurse) and they joked that someday Evans would have a store and Maggie would work there. Evans still has the napkin somewhere where she wrote Maggie's idea down for the store name. Would you like to guess what it was? Yes, "Your Best Friends Closet."

That napkin was scribbled on 13 years ago—seems dreams do come true. Evans likes to tell her customers to "Find your Passion," and indeed she has. Come see for yourself how Marianne Evans and her team are "Changing the face of resale, one "Best Friend" at a time!"

Your Best Friends Closet is located at 3955 W. Algonquin Road in the Prestwicke Plaza strip mall. They are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10-6, and Thursday from 10-8. (Sunday & Monday they are closed) Please call 847-458-9530 to schedule an appointment to become a consignor.

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