Monday, July 25, 2011

Asparagus Cheese Tarts....

Jump on over to my friend the Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen and check out Asparagus Cheese Tarts.  So easy!  I made them last minute on Friday night for some friends that were coming over for dinner.  In a nutshell:  Store-bought puff pastry, mushrooms, asparagus and sour cream and lemon zest which makes it!!So delish!  I didn't thaw my puff pastry in time and then of course over thawed it in the microwave and therefore couldn't get the lovely squares (as shown in the step-by-step instructions in the link above) so I just made a ball of dough and rolled them out like mini pizzas while still scoring the edges and leaving a one inch border.  That's how I roll now.....calm, cool and collected!  Back in the day things like this would send me over the edge.  It's good to get old(er)!!!!  I used a bit too much filling (because really what am I gonna do with those leftovers?) so next time I'll try to follow the instructions better.  (or not!)

And why aren't these called "Mushroom & Asparagus puff pastry"?  Not sure?  Why did the mushrooms get dogged out?  hahaha

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