Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Back Rib Delight....

This kinda makes me want to sing the Chili's "I want my baby back baby back baby back ribs."  However, these are so much better!  I have tried wet and dry rub recipes galore but I found this in Better Homes and Gardens and a woman wrote in saying this is hands-down her favorite.  So I tried them.  I might agree.  So easy and so delish!  
The recipe is from The Hearty Boys. (Dan & Steve) They were the first winners of the Food Network Star a million years ago when it wasn't even called that.  That's how long I've been watching that network!  They are from Chicago and have a restaurant and catering business here in the Windy City.  I don't have to give you step-by-step instructions because they do it for me!

What I like is the grilling of these ribs to get the nice black char and flavor and then the slow cooking in the oven so they fall off the bone.  I even threw in my corn on the cob and it soaked up all that marinade while cooking.  The husband thought this recipe was reminiscent to a Korean BBQ marinade called Bulgogi.  We loved it!  Give them a try!

And to my vegetarian readers (Bern!)  I apologize for the above visual.  But it is interesting.  

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