Friday, July 15, 2011

DIY if you are clever....

There is a HUGE reason I've been collecting driftwood for years.  The first example is above.  For a mere $78 bones you can order this from Anthropologie.  I made a really cool picture frame with driftwood attached to a frame.  

This little guy is only $38.  And don't we all have a bunch of plain glass vases in the house from floral deliveries?  And you can't seem to pitch them because you just KNOW when you do you'll think of someway you could have re-purposed it?  
This mirror ensemble is a cool $698.  My idea is a bunch of random mirrors that I'll coat with that paint that makes it look old.  Do you understand my excitement for decorating the basement???  Also, this will be the first space in our house that really has mine and the hubs taste/style from start to finish.  The rest of the house was pretty much ready to go and we didn't pick any of the details.

I follow a blog called Young House Love and they DIY everything!  A great blog for inspiration and ideas.

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