Saturday, July 16, 2011

Every Mother Counts...

Christy Turlington (former model) and mother, married to Ed Burns (remember The Brothers McMullen?  I loved that movie!) produced and directed a movie called "No Woman, No Cry."  Her foundation entitled "Every Mother Counts" is doing amazing advocacy for women's maternal health.  I had DVRed it from the OWN channel a few weeks ago.  I watched it yesterday and highly recommend it.  The statistics that Christy uses are shocking, (A woman dies every 90 seconds of complications in pregnancy. 90% of them are preventable.) but it inspired me and I love when something moves, touches and inspires me to think about my own significance in this world.....basically, how can I help?  how do I make a difference?

I also follow a blog called Dooce.  Heather Armstong of Dooce is working with Christy Turlington and traveled to Bangladesh (formerly known as the Sudan) with her to see firsthand how Christy is blazing a trail and how we can get involved.  Heather is also documenting her travels with Christy on her blog.  Heather also takes amazing photographs. 

You can also find Every Mother Counts on Facebook.  Check it out! 

Lauren's birth was an unplanned C-Section.  Had I been living in Tanzania, Bangladesh or Guatemala, I most likely would have died or my baby would have died.  I had health insurance and I had options.  This film made me really how much I took all this for granted.  I had skilled doctors and nurses with me the entire time.  Watching this film will change the way you view your own birth story.
Evan's birth was a planned C-Section.  However, I had many fibroid tumors covering my uterus and after he was born my uterus was literally placed on my stomach so the doctor could cauterize all the tumors before placing it back in my body.  (I will spare you  the photographs!)  I have two healthy and happy children today because of my access to medical technology during their births.  With the work of Every Mother Counts, it is sometimes the simplest things that lead to better birth outcomes with these women.  How can we make a difference in contributing to woman giving birth around the world?  That's what this documentary made me think about.

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