Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Inspiration.....

Have you been following any blogs lately and you suddenly think, hmmmm, all they do is pull photos from other websites and call it "inspiration"???  Well I do.  And I'm doing it today.  The air conditioning is back on in the house after days of warm (vs. HOT) breezes and my son is napping and my lovely 10-year-old niece is over today occupying every second of my daughter's time giving me complete peace and harmony.  I did however take them for ice cream (Baskin Robbin's ain't cheap!) and to the park for a quick minute.  (I'm officially mom of the year as I've been to the stinkin' park three times this week!!!  Enough!)  I told my niece that someday she will understand NOT wanting to go to the park when she has her own kids.  

We are like days away from finishing the basement project.  Carpet ordered......carpet installed soon and amen! I can start decorating.  I have a lovely little hoarders corner of my dining room filled with fantastic finds from all my garage sale days of late.  I'm just itching to pound nails in the walls and get lost in the goodness of decorating new space.  So in the spirit of a new bedroom in my basement with cheery turquoise walls, I give you some inspiration from Anthropologie.  Now, this store fills me with such happiness that I want to buy everything and redecorate everything in my home.  It makes me want to wear long peasant skirts and paint on easels in my studio space.  (because I'd have an art studio and a greenhouse and a chicken coop in this fantasy)  Anthropologie makes me want to travel to far lands and drink wine from hand blown glass cups at 3:00 in the afternoon.  (oh wait, I do drink wine at 3:00 in the afternoon......see how my fantasy world and reality intermingle??!!!!)

However, I don't like the Anthropologie prices.  I can show you a bunch of things that could be sold at Anthro and I got them for cheap, cheap, cheap!!!!  I put on my Anthro (I'm calling it that now!) brain and vision when I'm out garage saleing, resaling or thrifting.  Don't look at the junk hole you might be shopping in, but think of where you will place this object in your home.  I get this feeling in my gut and I go for it.  I do love Anthro for getting inspiration.....Here are my loves today:

Happy Friday and where do you go for inspiration?

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