Friday, July 8, 2011

Is it really JULY already?

I've been on a ridiculous hiatus involving summer vacations, stem-cell transplants, vacation Bible school, road-trips, girl's weekend, beaches, etc., but one thing remains.  Every day that I don't fuel the passion of my writing I feel a little more lost and a little more disappointed in myself.  So here I am at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Friday afternoon.  I spent the morning with the kids and a neighbor pal and her kids at the park and then segued into sprinkler time, baby pool and lemonade and snacks.  This is my job right now.  I'm a mom.  I'm bringing my A-Game.  Right now today in this second it is enough and my grateful attitude and joy right NOW in this second will contribute to the world because I am raising happy kids.  Kids that have good manners and don't complain about the bread on their PB&J's being too grainy.  (I like a good nutty, grainy, whole food bread!)  It is enough today and I am enough.  It is enough that this post is really about nothing.  Just getting back in touch with myself and all of you who read me.  It is important to me and I thank you.  Thank you for following me on my journey!  

My mom is home safe and sound and adapting to life again after her stem-cell transplant.  She's been on a roller coaster of a ride and now it's kinda like, "Now what?"  Where do we go from here?  Life is constantly moving, shaping and changing.  We gotta roll with the changes or we end up in frustration all the time.  My attitude this summer has been one of "YES."  If someone asks us to do something then we say YES!  That is what summer is all about~going and doing and being busy.  These are the best of dirty feet falling into bed at night half-asleep because the day was so FILLED to the brim with goodness.  Lauren starts Kindergarten August 25 and I just can't believe it!  6.5 weeks left of no schedules and freedom and doing what you wish.  Life is about to change!  I can't wait to experience this new journey with her.

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer!  I'm back!  

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  1. I know all to well what you mean about how without writing the soul becomes lost and a little undone. Although I have been doing "a lot" of blogging lately, all of that is public ... but I haven't touched any of my personal journals in months ... I used to (before being a mommy and a blogger) journal daily in 2-3 differing journals. Now my dated entries are at best once a quarter ... ugh. Here's to getting back on the writing horse! Let's get the cathartic ball rolling!