Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Monday....

Gunflint Lodge, Grand Marais, MN

In the spirit of missing my daily Oprah dose (I'm getting by on the "Behind the Scenes" show on OWN, and for those of you living under a rock, that's Oprah's new network!)  I'd like to pull out the "What I know for sure" of today.  

What I know for sure today is:
~good neighbors make the world a better place...having a neighbor pal who takes your child for a few hours is a lifesaver when your five year claims boredom without a playmate and glazes over after too many iCarly episodes.  (It might be official that Lauren has seen every episode ten times.....I'm over it)
~having a monthly get together with gal pals makes my life better~in my case WINE CLUB.  Thank you sweet baby Jesus for this "look forward to" date on my calendar and these cool women who make me laugh and teach me things.  I am more of who I am when I get a break from the daily grind.
~Ravina is a young person's sport!  Before kids I attended this "jazz in the park" event several times each season.  Now I realize that some things in life just aren't what you thought they were.  Is it age or just wisdom?  I attended last evenings concert with Wine Club and had a fabulous time, however, the planes, trains and automobiles that are involved to schlep your own food and beverage, chair, table, and candle, along with an over priced ticket to sit on the lawn just doesn't seem worth it.  But I might follow my wine club girls anywhere! 
~I am open to the Universe.  I am open to what might be next for me in my life.  I am a seeker and I will be searching as long as I live.  In the words of my mentor (in my mind that is!) Bethenny Frankel, I am "coming from a place of YES" this summer season.  
~No "adapted from a book" movie could ever be better than the goodness of a book.  Reading a chapter book out loud to my kids helps me to relive the joy I experienced when I first learned how to read and how a  book could transport me.  Lauren and I recently burned out on the Magic Tree House book series on book #32 so I picked up my forever favorite Charlotte's Web.  I adore this book.  Every few sentences I am overwhelmed with nostalgia and a new found appreciation for this gem.

So that's where I am at today.  Just an ordinary mom living an extraordinary life if I choose to see it that way! Scrubbing the kitchen floor, changing diapers and unloading a dishwasher might not be glamorous, but Paris will still be there when I'm ready.  This is the most important job I will ever do.....raising good human beings!  And to all of you who do it too, I send you love!

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