Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Stinka" Tuesday...

Here it is folks.  The blog post where I give it to you straight.  Where I air my dirty laundry.  Where I tell you my 2.5 year old son is addicted to the binky they gave us in the hospital.  Please see the product description:

From the Manufacturer

Over 2,000 hospitals nationwide give newborns the Soothie pacifier. Soothie pacifiers are sized and shaped for baby's developing mouth. Made of latex-free, hospital grade silicone, the Soothie pacifier has a durable one-piece construction. From 0-3 months, (this is my favorite part....please note 0 to THREE MONTHS OF AGE!) pack of 2.

Product Description

The number-one pacifier used in over 2,000 hospitals nationwide--over half the hospitals in the coutnry! Over 2.5 million pacifiers are distributed to newborns each year--this means that more than half the babies born go home from the hospital with a Soothie Pacifier.  (Love this part!) Made from medical-grade silicone, in pink for girls. One-piece design for less germs. Soft, latex-free nipple.
Something happened to my Evan and well, see.....he just never "advanced" to those other big nippled "Nuk" brands or any other random pacifiers you can find at the grocery store or Walgreens.  Nope, he found his one true love in the Soothie brand and never looked back.  I randomly ask him who he loves more, "Stinka"(I'm getting to that nickname shortly) or Momma.  Nine out of ten times he will answer STINKA 'cuz he just loves it that STINKING much.  And please note, you can't just run into any 'ole store and find these.  That just makes this all the more difficult.
Lauren loved her pacifier too.  Around the age of 2.5 I flipped out, had a mommy breakdown and never looked back.  She had recently had a cold and was whiny and I let her have it more.  We were outside playing and I all of a sudden I realized, here is this large toddler who can talk and walk and do all these things and she's got a damn pacifier in her mouth....talking to me THROUGH the pacifier??? Um, yeah....no.  I snapped and never looked back.  Unfortunately this was right before our trip with our loving and devoted special friends.  They will never let me live it down that I ditched the binky right before our 11 hour or so road trip.  She cried her ASS off on the way home for hours.  So much so that I put earplugs in and turned up the radio really really loud.  The kid has some stamina!
Now, getting to STINKA.  Every family has their special word for the pacifier.  I started calling it the "stinky binky" which got shortened to "STINKA" somewhere along the line.  I'm pretty sure there is nothing cuter than hearing Evan say "stinka binka."  UNLESS it's 2:00 pm this afternoon and he's crying his ass off at the door of his bedroom when he should be napping and super tired from his 3:00 am wake up and rendezous to Mom and Dad's room for an hour.  
(please note:  we don't sleep with our kids....never have....never will.  They literally came home from the hospital and slept in a crib....in the next room.....no co-sleeper, no bassinet, no nothing.....No judging here, this is just what worked for us) Then it was not cute.  It was irritating and I was like a crack junkie crawling around on the floors looking underneath and around everything trying desparately to find a damn STINKA!  I did not find one of the three remaining stinka's in this damn house.  Needless to say, Evan did not nap today.  That makes for a mom who needs wine mainlined by 4:45pm.  
In my frustration I yelled, "Look Evan, you tell me where your damn stinka is because I can't find it and I would like you to nap NOW."  He just started looking under the bed and said "damn stinka."  Yep.  That's right Evan.  The damn stinka.
This is how bad Evan's addiction is:  He has a stinka that has a broken chewed nipple and he calls it "broken stinka" and tells me that he'll "hold it momma."  I bet you will crack head.  While on vacation in June I pretty much let him have it anytime he wanted it (as opposed to just nap and bedtime) for the good of the group.  That led to coming home and having to break him of wanting it 24/7.  On vacation he woke from a nap and did not want to give it to me.  He literally crouched down in his chair so he could "sneak a suck" and my BF Kelly that I was vacation with said, OMG!  He's sneaking a suck like a smoker sneaks a drag!"  Oh, it was so precious and funny.  THEN.
So I'm one of those mom's who goes between, "It's all good" and "Help me I'm raising Suri Cruise."  My mom likes to say "He won't go to Kindergarten with it" and my Grandmother likes to say "He's still a baby, he'll give it up when he's ready."  
I really wish I could tell you that I stayed strong and kept my wits about me.  I kept telling Evan and everyone else that "when all the stinka's are lost, that's it, will be done with stinka."  Well, for the good of the family I purchased a two-pack tonight at Target for the sweet price of $4.79. (they used to be $3.99 just a few months ago I swear)  I'm pretty sure that $4.79 will be money well spent.  Even the husband backed me up with, "Don't you think we should wait until after our camping trip?"  

All I know for sure (right now) is, he crashed out at 7:30 pm on the floor of his bedroom with the beloved stinka in his mouth.  Amen.  Goodnight, sleep tight.  Don't let the bedbugs bite.
 Early "stinka" love photos....see the "holder stinka" in his hand way back then?
 Nothing beats PJ's and stinka.....see the smile through the green soothie?
First haircut and the reward is a sucker....ah, no....stinka!
Keepin' it real at the age of 2.5 with Soothie Love...

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  1. I laughed my way through this entire post. I don't recall any of my 3 nephews or 5 nieces ever having a "stinka." Though, one of them did suck on their thumb until the age of 13 :) They are probably too old & the hospitals didn't have a major contract w/the beloved "stinka" company. Way to tell it like it is, Tricia. I love it real, even if it is the "stinka" truth.