Monday, July 25, 2011

Theater Camp Finale...

Matching side ponies for Lauren and Cousin Annika
on the last day of CYT Theater Camp!
(with Evan pointing to sissy!)
The "official" performance day uniform!

Entering the room for the performance....
Lauren was a bit nervous.
I had to tell her two times to get her hands out of her mouth.
See the wringing of the hands???!!!!

No jazz hands here, but a little arm movement!
"Popular, you're gonna be Popular!!!!" 
(can't get that song from Wicked, sung by Kristin Chenowith, outta my head now!!!)

Lauren with her camp counselors.
All in all, a great week! 
I am proud of Lauren.
We both learned a great deal!

Me:  "So overall how do you feel?"
Lauren:  "Good.  I liked it."
Me:  "Would you want to do it again?"
Lauren:  "Yes I would."
I'd call that money well spent.

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