Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Already?

Since I've been blogging so VERY LITTLE this summer, it only seems appropriate that my blog titles just point that out!!!  Here we are in August already!  My "Summer of YES" has been a crazy wonderful whirlwind, one that I wouldn't trade, but I may enjoy the respite Fall will bring.  My lovely Lauren starts Kindergarten August 25 and it seems crazy that I'm not at the helm of understanding how everything will work.  Aren't parents always supposed to be at the forefront?  I am kind clueless about many aspects of this new venture, yet I'm happy that I have a confident child ready to take on this new path.  Me:  "Are you excited for Kindergarten?"  Lauren:  "How can I be excited if I haven't done it yet mom?"  "I'll be excited after I do it."  I think we will both feel better after open house!  The school bus scares me more than anything but we all did it and survived so I need to let go!

For those of you following my Mom's stem-cell journey:  We couldn't have asked for better results!!!!  The stem-cell transplant coordinator said that a successful stem cell was 5% of less of the cancer remaining in your system and Mom has .05%!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HELLO!!!!!  Who could ask for more that THAT?????  We will see her doctor at Northwestern next week for a full run-down of all her follow up tests that she received in Marinette, but we are grateful, happy and in celebratory mode!!!!!  Thank you for all your love, support, prayers and kindness.  We couldn't have done it without you!!!  We love you all!

I turn 40 on Thursday and aside from needing a mammogram, (HA!) I feel better than ever before!  I almost feel like something monumental should occur, but the older I get the more those kind of "fireworks" type of events just aren't realistic or needed.  I plan to celebrate the event via a blog posting of "a letter to my younger self"  so stay tuned!  Haven't you always wanted to write one of those?  I've come so far, changed so much and generally like myself so much more! 

Life is good and I am thankful!  I also CANNOT wait to see the movie The Help!  That book was fantastic.  Here's to a nice segue into Fall~my favorite season of all.  Cooler weather....transitioning to sweaters and loving all those school supplies!

Here is a recap of Summer '11 just by taking a quick peek at all my photos:
missing teeth
riding bikes
kiddie cocktails
swimming in pools, lakes and rivers
alpine slide
veggies from the garden

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