Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby you're a FIREWORK!

Evan keeps saying "I growing up.  I go on school bus too."

The day has come.  My little freckle-faced, red-headed baby girl will walk to the bus stop tomorrow morning and ride a bus to school, spend all day there (without me) and eat lunch and learn and make friends and ride the bus home where I will greet her  at that same bus stop.  I will admit that many days I longed for this day to hurry up and get here.  Now it's here and I'm not quite sure how to feel.  (She's my first to leave the nest~even if it's only for the day, 5 days per week)

Seriously, Class of 2024?  How can that be?
How old does that make me in 2024?  Um, yeah, no....

After three solid years of pre-school I know she's ready.  She needs more than I can give her.  She needs more learning (please let Kindergarten be more than pre-school!!!  I don't want another stinkin' bear to color and decorate with her interests for the bulletin board.  She's over it and so am I.)  She needs more.  period.  I am delighted to send her off on this new journey but there is that mom thing inside me that just can't believe that life moves this fast.  How can I be 40 years old and just have a Kindergarten?  Hell, she should be in middle school!!!!!  (Note to self:  you chose to WAIT to have your kids.  Deal with it!)

"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away....."

I can't help but remember those very first moments alone with her in the hospital room after giving birth.  I was over-joyed that I had my girl.  I was overwhelmed with love and emotion and such a fierce, immediate sense of protection for this being that was mine.  Yet now she will board a bus and go to school and there are forty million things I can't shelter or protect her from.  I have to let go, even if it's just a tiny bit.  We are both on a new path together.   I am certain the most learning this year will be with me.

Mrs. Svendsen.  (Trisha Svendsen to be exact!)
Is this woman 25?  OMG!  And she has FIVE kids!
I need a private meeting with her to go over aging strategies!

Mackeben Mountain Lions Forever!!!!
I love you Lauren.  You are smart and funny and wonderful.  God speed.  You are gonna rock!
(Please note Lauren's gangsta pose!)


  1. WOW! Lauren's in school!! I remember when you were pregnant with her!!! Time flies Tricia :) Class of 2024, seems so official. GO LAUREN!!! xxx

  2. Awesome! I know the feeling of trusting that your baby will get to where she needs to be each day. We are starting 4th and 6th grade this year, and I still have that feeling! Take it day by day and enjoy each one, she'll be in high school before you know it! I hope you both have a great day today!

    (by the way - there will still be tons of projects for her to color and show her interests.)

    :) ~Nancy

  3. Congratulations on surviving your first day of school

  4. 2024?? Sounds so strange. I hadn't figured out Bekah's year but now know it is 2025. Thanks for help :) I'm so glad that she loves school.