Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Italian Plums....

So I guess  you could describe me as a feast or famine sort of blogger this summer!  It feels good to be back in a routine this week with Lauren having a full week of school and we can tweak our schedules to work nicely around the morning and afternoon bus stop.  Yesterday I had a few hours of total peace and quiet with a delightfully clean house while Evan was napping and Lauren was at school.  I really got how good this whole full day school thing is gonna be!  What I'm trying to say here is, I have no excuses for not blogging! 

This is my pal Nancy and her daughter Morgan at the famous
Donut Hole in Grand Marais, MN during our June vacation...
She may kill me that I posted a picture of her and that donut!
However, I think you look great Nance!

My friend Nancy started a blog called Everything Except Cooking and she's been posting like a good little (new) blogger and she really inspired me to get back on the horse, or the wagon, or what have you!  She is also having a fun photography challenge which you can read about here. What I find hilarious is the girl doesn't cook but she canned peaches last week!  Honey, if you can CAN peaches you can cook!!!  I cook my brains out but am scared to can!  (go figure!!!) 

So in the spirit of Nancy's photo challenge, I'm posting some pics of the beautiful Italian plums I just got at the market.  And it is very apparent that I NEED to do that challenge!  There just doesn't seem like enough time to do all these things!  I want to start working on ancestry.com too but seem overwhelmed.  Nancy's blog reminded me to "just shut up and write."  Don't over think it.  Put something down (from the heart) and move on!  Thanks Nance!

Okay, so what about that little flower icon/button on my camera?  What about a super close up?  I need help!  But I did put these in natural light and that helps!

Is it crazy that I have serious thoughts about what my retirement will look like?  Projects galore and a lovely beach house...How does one carve out time for oneself when you have kids?  Other than my daily exercise and blog I can't seem to fit anything more in!  I shouldn't complain.  I feel like I have a rich and FULL life!!! I am thankfully thick in the middle of a great book.  I've been off the book thing this summer (couldn't find anything that I could really sink my teeth into!  The Help ruined me!)

Happy Monday friends!

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  1. Bahahaha! I made your blog!! WOO HOO! :) Yeah, that picture isn't my favorite, but dang, that donut was good. And I will remind you that I followed the "no makeup" rule when we went to town. No lipgloss even! Ahem.
    Thanks for posting about me and my photo challenge! I hope lots of people participate! First assignment is coming soon. It blows me away that I have inspired YOU! Yes, please do keep writing, and don't overthink it. I love reading what you have to say. Love ya girly!