Thursday, August 25, 2011

We BOTH Survived!

This little blossom went to Kindergarten today! 
And this little blossom (along with Mom) had a fantastic new experience that helped us both grow as individuals!  I keep telling Lauren the feeling of being scared or excited or anxious is really just a feeling inside ourselves telling us that "you need to grow and expand and learn new things today."  That's the beauty of just make it up as you go along and you realize that's all you can do.  You wake up and do your best and show up and love.  These life lessons I am receiving from the kids are amazing!!! hahahha

Today proved to me that (THUS FAR!!!)  I've done (we've done??  should I include Dad in here???) a pretty good job so far in my preparation to put Lauren on the path to success.  It really does take a village.  That is pretty cool when you think about it~all the people that go into forming-shaping-growing-up your child.  Today was amazing.  Some little red head I know is snoozing away......ready for Day #2 of Operation Kindergartner.

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  1. I felt the same way about Erin going to preschool. The day was much harder on me than her, especially after being a full time Mom the last 2 years. I brought her a long way but now she needs more. We both needed more. Erin and I had a very tough day the day before she started preschool. Drove each other crazy. The next morning I dropped her off for her first day of school and then left for my first day at a new job. When I picked her up only hours later you could feel the love and appreciation between us was stronger than ever.