Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ceramic Potatoes and such.....

Here it is folks.  The beloved ceramic potato made at ceramics class in 1972.  Made by my mother.  I think of those nights she got to "escape" to ceramics class with her girlfriends and leave behind  the stay at home mom world for a little creative outlet.  Oh, how I get that now!!!!
There is the dipping spoon.  It is quite obvious that this ceramic potato is made to hold sour cream. (I mean, Duh!)  Because don't we all take the sour cream out of the plastic container and put it in something else to serve our families?  I mean, who would just put the plastic container on the table?  (Martha would be aghast!)
This is my favorite part!  This is what we call a treasure in our house.  Someday Lauren will have this in her house and tell her kids about (Great) Grandma Terry and ceramics class and her cool mom (me) that had a ridiculous attachment to all things handmade, homemade and vintage.  
Lauren and Evan are obsessed with Top the Tater.  This is the perfect vessel for serving TTT.  And just so you know Kelly and Nancy, when you come over and we eat TTT you can rest assured that I'm serving it to you guys in the Terry K '72 ceramic potato.  Just because just seems right and good to do so!


  1. I would expect NOTHING less.

    Hahahaha! LOVE it!

  2. Hot potato.
    I had the same problem serving ketchup. My whole family (extended) has ketchup with everything but who wants a big ol'family sized plastic bottle of ketchup on your nice Christmas Dinner table.