Thursday, September 22, 2011

Clafouti, huh?

I am really into the newest Food Network shows, Aarti Party being one of them.  I have made a lot of her recipes.  So on girls weekend, Lauren and I watched the show Saturday morning and Lauren really wanted to make the recipe she featured, blackberry-ginger-clafouti.  What the heck is a clafouti?  It is a baked French dessert arranged in a buttered dish (see Lauren doing that first step above!) and covered in a flan-like mixture.  It can be served warm or room temp with whipped cream and powdered sugar.
Since I don't bake (but Lauren loves to!  I leave this to task of baking with Lauren to my BF Bebe) I agreed to this recipe because it is really simple and you can mix it all together in the blender.  I didn't even have to haul out the 25 pound mixer!  Simply put:  eggs, heavy cream, milk, ginger, sugar!!!
Lauren grates in the fresh ginger!
Next she arranged plum slices in the buttered dish. (I couldn't find fresh berries at the store we were at and I didn't feel like going to my normal market where they have a plethora of fresh berries!)  These plums were so ripe and delicious!  You can use any fruit you desire.  It won't effect the recipe.
Next, Lauren pours the mixture over the plums.
The blender creates a nice frothy mixture, which is what you want!
Baking time!  (Lauren looks so enthused!)
The finished plum clafouti!  Ready for powdered sugar and whipped cream and/or ice cream!  
Yep, and here is Evan again.  Naked in the kitchen yet again!!!  The kid strips off his clothes constantly!  He had to get in the pic with Sissy even though he did nothing to help with her recipe!!!  

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