Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eggplant Lasagna, minus the noodles....

Here is Evan with a big 'ol plate of eggplant lasagna for lunch. (Making a goofy face....I swear he doesn't look like this!) I propped him up on the counter for some photos (of course he is NOT wearing pants, but at least he's not naked in the kitchen this time!)  He has underwear on for the record.
I didn't take photos of the whole process but here is a  photo of my noodle-less lasagna before I heated it up.  That is a lovely eggplant round under all that cheese!  I even kept the skin on the eggplant for texture and it baked up nicely.  On Sunday we harvested two eggplants and what the heck do you really do with them?  I'm not even sure I like eggplant!  But sliced and baked into ricotta, shredded cheese and a tomato was delish!
Here you can see all the layers of eggplant, yellow squash and overall lasagna goodness!  I didn't even miss the noodles.  And I wasn't doing this for health, no carb reasons.  I just thought I'd try something different.  The texture was just like regular lasagna.  I got the idea from this recipe at Country Living magazine, but you can find a ton on the internet.  In my opinion, whatever veggie you want to layer in here would be great.  
And here is Evan, in true form, giving me his silly face.  I don't even know where he learned this.
I'm just asking for one normal face Evan.  This is not a good look!  But you are cute.
Evan's lunch heated up and a cheesy mess of goodness it is!
Digging in!
A recipe that the whole family enjoyed!  Well, Lauren had a breakdown on Sunday about eating this.  I'm not sure why.  She is such a great eater and tries almost anything.  She loves noodles, tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, veggies, etc.  We held firm on the "this is what's for it or get nothing else" and after a small tantrum, some tears and whining she left the table only to return while I was cleaning up and took a few huge bites and told me she loved it.  KIDS.  Whatever!  Who can begin to understand them????

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  1. OMG that looks DEE-LISH! Sure wish I cooked... ;)