Friday, September 30, 2011

Fast Forward Friday....

Yesterday I took the 8 X 10 frame off the wall to add Lauren's new Kindergarten photo.  Every year I do this I still can't believe how fast time is going.  Wasn't I just pregnant with Evan and dropping Lauren off at her very first preschool and time away from me?  (to which she didn't quite care for in the beginning!) I would feel my blood pressure rise and hope that the drop off would go smoothly.  That situation worked itself out nicely, but that first call from the teacher telling me "she's still crying and I want this experience to be fun for her" just made me angry and sad all rolled into one.  
Soon after this photo was taken Lauren got glasses (thanks to the eye check at school) and became a big sister.  Big milestones and accomplishments as this little 2.5 year old started to spread her wings.
This was Lauren's second year of preschool and they had curbside drop off!  Oh how wonderful that was! I had Evan in his infant carrier and I remember how quickly these three hours went.  Even now I wonder where the time goes.  She's off the school bus as quickly as she gets on!
This was Lauren's second year of preschool and second round of photos.  This is her executive look.  Practicing up for the great things to come in her life!  (and there was a matching skirt to this "blazer"!  LOVE!)
This was year THREE of preschool~All day, M, W, F (You don't really think about when your child will start school and what age he/she will be on or before Sept. 1 when you get pregnant!)   This prepared us both for all day Kindergarten.  We were all really really ready!  

And there you have it!  Here is Lauren, soon to be SIX years old and a Kindergartner! AMAZING! She is loving school and is a sponge for learning!  She is reading simple books already and is on her way.  It is so exciting to see the process/progress with the reading and writing. 
She read this book to me and did her homework on Wednesday night with such passion and delight. (and this was after Spanish class too!)  It's like she doesn't want to stop learning. I found some flashcards for high-frequency words that you see over and over again when you begin to read. After a long day of school and Spanish she didn't want to stop going over the flashcards.  It helps me to see life in a new light. That we need passion or we don't get anywhere~we need that burning desire inside to learn something new or get out of our box.  
So far this whole school thing has been amazing and I'm so proud of Lauren. She's becoming this new little person. And I know that when I'm adding her graduation picture to the frame I will love her even more than this very moment because as she changes and grows I will too. Our relationship will broaden, deepen and challenge us both. But that is kind of the point! This is why I had children.  I'm happy to be on this journey. Roses and thorns everyday!

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  1. Such a beauty. I think she may have grown from the last time I saw her. So mature. How do you take it? I look at Erin often and wonder when she got so tall. I would really like this year to slow down a bit.