Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Feather-licious Weekend....

Our Girls Weekend began with a new shirt....It's super sparkly.  Just how an almost-6 year old likes!
This was her face when I told her we were going into the salon to get feathers in her hair.  Actually, she gave me absolutely nothing and I made her retake the photo!  Come on Dog!  She's been wanting the feathers for weeks!  (you know, all the cool kids are doing it!)  Check out those crooked glasses!  I have a feeling that's what her school pictures will look like!  We got those fixed too.
The consult.  Lauren also wanted Janet to "part her hair."
This might be a yawn!  Lauren got off the bus on Friday and was feeling very under the weather.  I can't lie.  I was a bit disappointed that girls weekend would be a bust.  But her fever was better on Saturday and she was dying for her surprise and really, you can't keep a kid down!
For some reason Lauren thought it would hurt.  Nope, that's when you get your ears pierced.  Which won't be for a long, long time!  When she woke up on Saturday I told her the big surprise was to get her ears pierced.  She freaked and said, "I don't want my ears pierced yet Mom."  (She's so my child!) Um, just joking because I am not ready for that yet!
The big fat pink one is in!!!
Ready for the turquoise one!  I let her get two!  'Cuz that's how we roll on girls weekend!!
There is this tricky little thing Janet does to get the little tab in to hold the feather in place.  It involves something that looks like fishing line.
There's the second feather all in place!
Next, Janet used a super cool curling wand to spice things up!  You just twist the hair around the wand.  I want one!
I love how Lauren held that mirror in her hand the whole time to watch every move Janet made!
Lookin' good my sweet love.
Funny photo with Janet.  Coolest hair stylist ever!
For more information on feathers, how to have a feather party (that's what Lauren is doing her 6th Birthday party!  Each of her friends will get one feather in their hair if it's okay with their mom)  or to get any of Janet's other awesome services, give her a call!  Or find her on Facebook at Scissor Happy Hair Studio.  What I love about Janet is her own cool hair and hair color and her out of the box thinking.  Janet is on top of the trends and always changing things up and bringing new services to her salon.  Do you really want to get your hair done from someone who is not willing to take risks themselves?  Call Janet today!

A tiny little studio with BIG IDEAS AND CREATIONS! Right in the heart of the suburbs, my little place will steal your heart.

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  1. LOVE. You are officially one of the cool moms! TREASURE every moment you spend with that beautiful girl!!! XOXO