Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fig with the Pig on a Pie....

I made this Pioneer Woman pizza last night.  She has a new show on the Food Network of the same name.  This is what she made on last Saturday's episode.  The hubs adores arugula (peppery greens) that adorn the top of this lovely pie.  You can find the full deal over here on Ree's website.  ('cuz I'm on a first name basis with her now)  And she shows every last stinkin' detail with ridiculously gorgeous photos.  Which you won't find here.  But I get the sense you might like me for other reasons.  (sarcasm being one perhaps?!)
I used Trader Joe's garlic and herb ready to use pizza crust but Ree made hers from scratch.  I'm not down with that.  I mean, I'd like to be but Lauren had Spanish class and on Wednesday nights I throw together dinner sometime after 6:00 pm.  So go ahead, make it from scratch.  Get that mix master out on a weeknight. I dare you.
Lots of arugula just piled high!  Oh, and that brown stuff is a delicious fig spread (also purchased at Trader Joe's) and then above that you will find layers of salty prosciutto.  Don't argue with me, just buy the stuff and make it.  It's really good and super simple.  I started taking pics after the pizza was out of the oven, so go see Ree's pics.  She'll get you through it!

Now sprinkle on some parmesan curls.  (although mine did not curl like Ree's did)  But it still tasted delish!
I just got a new "bar camera" (as I like to call it) because schlepping around a big Canon with lenses and straps and stuff just doesn't fly with me.  I needed a new bar camera because with this crazy nightlife I lead, I needed  convenience.  I got a Sony CyberShot.  It's red.  It's really really cute and I think it might take better pics than my big kahuna camera.  I might not ever have to study up or practice photography again.  Can we say "auto tracking"?  (I don't even know what that is but this camera might be smarter than me.)
I went a little crazy.  (I think Ree would approve) I added some blue cheese crumbles.  Just because I could. 
Here is my little man Evan making more parm curls even though the pizza has more than enough.  'Cuz that's how 2.75 year old boys roll.  Oh, and we like to cook in the nude over here.  Yep, that's right.  We are a kooky bunch, us Anderson's.  
Don't you just adore the chub chub fingers?  *sigh*

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